InstantDemo and InstantPresentation
  • shorten the sales cycle - hassle-free instant demo - increase engagement

Convert more with less


Show your future customers your solution/product live, instantaneous and directly from your website

with the help of screen sharing but

without additional software installs, the friction of get it up running and connection issues.

We call it InstantDemo developed by our partner Crankwheel.

Advantages and features

Demo on Sterioide

Upgrade your demos. With our solution you can offer your potential buyers the possibility to request and get an InstantLiveDemo or InstantLivePresentation. Available for inbound and outbound sales activities, on the website or, for example, in an e-mail. 

Increase your conversion

Quick reactions and direct availability for questions increase the probability of completion.

Available in seconds and highly reliable

The process is really simple. Your prospect does not need to download any software and connect to any client. The internal sales team can concentrate on the task of delivering a great presentation. No need to worry about technology dysfunctions.

All for the internal sales team

The backend offers several features to facilitate the work and management of an internal sales team.
They include e.g. the contact form, lead distribution on a first-come basis, CRM integration possibility and of course the API.


what users say

Arnbjörn Eggerz 1 AusschnittThe shortening of the sales cycle is a key factor for success today.
InstantDemos and InstantPresentations increase the sales probability as successful software as a service companies show.

This reason makes also a perfect tool for small and medium sized companies, from IT in general to machinery tools and craftsmen.
In short everywhere there is the need to explain your product to sell it.

Response time has increased from approximately 3-5 minutes to under 1 minute for live demos. This is huge for me as a manger.

I know the customer is still engaged on the website and we can get our reps in front of them immediately to qualify, demo, and close.

Courtney McCabe Sales Manager – Salesgenie

Crankwheel is a Game Changer for me. It compliments my Speed and Quickly allows me to present my product on the fly to a live customer.
This timeliness ultimately doubles my conversion and provide even better customer service. Love it.

Kevin Dunn – Account Executive



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